Simple Steps to Safer Living.

Every second of every day, an older adult suffers a fall in the U.S. Prevent falls and maintain independence with DwellSafe's clinician-powered home safety tool.

  1. Identify and address safety risks for a safer home
  2. 100% Remote - no home visit necessary
  3. Clinician-enabled / Ai powered
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Don’t let a fall at home take away independence. Discover your home’s safety score with our clinician-powered tool.

DwellSafe uses advanced AI and clinician support to enhance safety at home. Its easy...

  • Scan rooms and
    add resident info

  • Receive a tailored safety report and uncover resident fall risk scores.

  • Select recommended products
    and local contractors

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Discover how we're redefining home safety through innovation. See how partners leverage our advanced remote scanning technology and expert clinical team to create safer, more efficient living spaces. Join us in our mission today.

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